How to Care For Blinds

Venetian, wooden, vertical, roller and bamboo blinds all have similar care and maintenance
  • Dust regularly, may be vacuumed gently;
  • Wipe with a soft cloth;
  • Never pull or roll up a damp/wet blind;
  • Never use thinner or ammonia based products;
  • Bamboo blinds need to be kept dry to prevent mould growth;
  • A mild detergent may be used on Roller and venetian 25mm and 50mm blinds;
  • Venetian blinds may be gently wiped with a damp cloth, or taken down, placed on grass and hosed gently.
  • Vertical blind veins may be removed and placed in warm soapy water, rubbing marks lightly.
  • Drain majority of water off before hanging in shaded area to dry;
  • Never apply any oily substance to the tracks of vertical blinds.
  • Wooden blind slats can be polished with furniture polish eg Mr Min. Apply polish to cloth and then rub into wooden slats.