Basswood Venetian Blinds 50mm

Price From R650
CharcoalCharcoalCherryCherryDk MahoganyDk MahoganyJavaJavaMahoganyMahoganyNaturalNaturalWalnutWalnutWhiteWhiteWhite WashWhite WashLime WashLime WashBold CharcoalBold CharcoalBold SandBold SandBold CloudBold CloudBold TaupeBold TaupeNew Antique CinnamonNew Antique CinnamonNew Antique JasmineNew Antique JasmineNew Antique FennelNew Antique FennelNew Antique NutmegNew Antique NutmegNew Antique SaffronNew Antique Saffron

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Please read Measuring Blinds first to see how to measure

Width can be from 210mm to 2580mm

Height can be from 100mm to 4000mm

Recess - inside the window opening
Face - over the window opening

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Charcoal, Cherry, Dk Mahogany, Java, Mahogany, Natural, Walnut, White, White Wash, Lime Wash, Bold Charcoal, Bold Sand, Bold Cloud, Bold Taupe, New Antique Cinnamon, New Antique Jasmine, New Antique Fennel, New Antique Nutmeg, New Antique Saffron


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